Welcome to codemute docs

This documentation is aimed to provide all the details of codemute's projects. We believe documentation is an extremely important part of the any project, help us by writing good documentation on our codemute/docs repository.

About codemute

codemute is an open-source organization aimed to maintain completely free and open-source projects. The authors and the maintainers of the projects are the members of the codemute organization.

The goal

The goal of the organization is to provide and maintain a good set of open-source projects with MIT license. The projects may or may not be code related. The initiative is completely non-profit.

The codemute projects are from different domains. As of now, following projects are added to the project list:

  • docs: The repository contains all the source files related to the documentation (the one which you're seeing).
  • cp-sol: The repository contains all the source files for the solutions to various competitive programming contests held across a bunch of different sites.
  • cp-temp: The repository contains the templates for various algorithms, code snippets, etc to help kickstart the progress of a newbie in competitive programming.
  • cp-guides: Guides to various solutions, approaches, algorithms. They are extremely useful for learning purposes.